The Robert Sund Poet’s House is Robert Sund’s life long vision of creating a special place where Poetry can be studied and honored. His idea included a house to be built of simple design, modeled on the water tower structure at his Grandfather’s farm near Elma, Washington. Also to be included are a pottery shed and Calligraphy studio, accompanied by a garden.

This vision embodies his passion for a simple life filled with beauty and meaningful objects. The Robert Sund Poet’s House will include a library and archive of manuscripts, and may accomodate a resident poet to conduct study groups or other educational activities. Robert wanted this facility to be connected to the community and to encourage young people’s interest in the reflective arts.

Robert’s last will and testament created an 11 member board to oversee the publishing of his work and development of the Robert Sund Poet’s House Project. There is hope a piece of land will be donated in the local community on which to build. In the meantime, our primary agenda is to compile and print all of Robert’s previously published work. The Robert Sund Poet’s House Press is also engaged in editing and printing several groups of unpublished work, notably the Shi Shi and Taos Mountain manuscripts.

The Robert Sund Poet’s House is a membership organization with a 501(c)3 tax status. Donations are tax exempt and support the work of the Robert Sund Poet’s House. Thanks to those of you who have already shown your generosity.

Robert Sund Poet’s House
Post Office Box 1567
Anacortes, WA 98221

Please make checks payable to the Robert Sund Poet’s House.

The Trust will also be engaged in offering various broadsides, posters and fine art prints of Robert’s work for sale to benefit the Trust. Those of you who own some of Robert’s artwork and wish to participate in this program should contact the Trust at the address above. Our chartered goal is to make the spirit and content of Robert’s life available to everyone who may appreciate the value of his work. Robert touched many of us in profound ways. Thank you in advance for helping us to secure and continue his legacy.

Robert Sund Poet’s House
Board Membership